Welcome to ERKO Coaching

ERKO Coaching provides assessment , coaching , outplacement and online psychometric testing services to small to medium enterprises, NGOs, charities and local government agencies across the UK.

  • Coaching

    No matter how well you are doing in your career, our experienced executive coaches at ERKO Coaching can help you soar higher.

  • Assessment

    ERKO Coaching offers bespoke assessment for recruitment or development purposes to suit your needs.

  • Psychometrics

    Looking for the right person for your organisation is like looking for a needle in a haystack. ERKO Coaching can help you find the ideal staff to suit your needs.

  • Outplacement

    Restructure, redundancy and redeployment can be a difficult and uncertain process. ERKO Coaching can support your organisation and employees through the transition.

We specialise in helping companies develop and maintain the talents and skills of their employees through the provision of individually targeted coaching programs. Our qualified and experienced coaches work across a wide range of business sectors and with all levels of staff.

We also help organisations assess, select and manage the talent within their organisations from recruitment and succession planning through development to promotion by means of fair and transparent assessment processes. In times of restructure our processes can also help you make tough decisions on which staff to retain where the number of similar positions in your company has been reduced.

Additionally, we offer support for employees affected by restructure including helping retrenched employees assess their career options and enabling them with the skills to ensure that they compete successfully for the most sought after positions. We can also provide additional outplacement services such as change management, stress management and counselling.

We also provide tertiary support such as psychometric testing for level of ability (e.g,. verbal, numerical, strategic thinking) and personality assessment (e.g. GPI. MBTI, OPQ).

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