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ERKO Coaching can provide tailored staff assessment services for your organisation. Typically, we support assessment processes for recruitment and development purposes. We can design, plan and implement assessment and development centres but, most often, many companies would typically want our support to select the best candidates for a job role or to help assess an employee as part of a coaching programme.

ERKO Coaching uses a range of psychometric tools to measure performance and preference including:

  • Workplace Personality Reports (SOVA, SHL OPQ, Facet5)
  • Leadership Capability (OPQ, SOVA)
  • Team Profile (SOVA, OPQ, Facet5, Belbin)
  • Measurement of Drives and Motivation (SOVA, SHL)
  • 360 degree employee feedback (MFS + OPQ 360, Facet5)
  • Ability Tests (e.g. Verbal Comprehension, Numerical, Critical Thinking)
  • Skills Tests (e.g. Software – Excel, Word; Clerical – Data Entry
  • Emotional Intelligence (MSCEIT)

The above solutions are an extremely cost effective way of assessing candidates for a role. They are administered online and information on different candidates easily compared. In order that you can easily distinguish between candidates at different levels in your company, products such as Ability Tests are designed to measure performance of clusters such as entry level employees, graduates, managerial and executive.

We partner with the world’s leading test publishers but are not tied to any particular one. This means that we can advise you of the best combination of tests to suit your particular requirements. For options and pricing, please see our psychometrics section or contact us for further information.