How well do you know your staff and how well do they know themselves?

How can you identify and develop High Potential within your organisation?

How can you ensure that you recruit the best talent to your organisation?

ERKO Coaching provides a range of assessment services to help you recruit the best talent to your organisation and manage their development so that they and your organisation perform at the optimal level.


There are various options for assessing suitability of candidates for a new role. These include:

  • Resumes
  • Application Forms
  • Interviews
  • Ability Tests
  • Workplace Personality Questionnaires
  • Emotional Intelligence Measurement
  • Assessment Centres
  • References

ERKO Coaching can help you design your recruitment process from start to finish. Our highly experienced Business Psychologists can help you perform job analysis and define the job and person specifications for any role and advise as to the best and most cost efficient methods of selecting the best candidate for the role. We can also assist you in selecting the most appropriate role play exercises, ability tests and personality questionnaires and also design bespoke exercises (and\\/or a complete assessment centre) to assess candidates against your existing capability framework.

Managing High Potential

Managing high potential talent in your organisation is essential for the ongoing success of your company and the motivation and retention of staff. Identifying potential in your staff and highlighting areas of strength and development need is an essential part of the process of talent management and succession planning. As with the recruitment process, there are various effective ways of determining the strengths and development needs of your employees and matching this with the organisational requirements. Among these are:

  • Information received from the recruitment process
  • Formal performance reviews
  • Informal observations
  • 360 degree behavioural analysis
  • Ability Tests
  • Workplace Personality Questionnaires
  • Emotional Intelligence Measurement
  • Development Centres

ERKO Coaching can assist and/or advise with the management of high potential talent within your organisation, from designing a competency framework for your company, performing job analysis and succession planning to assessing employees competencies for their current roles, creating personal development plans for key employees and providing skills, leadership and executive coaching to help them perform better in their current role and prepare them for the next step in their career.<

Assessment Centres

There have been many methods over the years for identifying key staff for your organisation. The method currently shown to be the best at predicting performance in a particular role defined by a set of competencies is an assessment centre. Rather than simply a physical space, an assessment centre defines a set of procedures designed to measure behaviour and ability related to specific or potential roles.

Typically, the competencies of participants would be measured using a set of exercises such as a presentation, a group discussion, a task typical of a day in the life of the role and a behavioural interview. Psychometrics such as ability tests and a personality questionnaire would generally be included to assess work preferences and current skill levels.

Two parameters are being measured in any behavioural exercise – the presence of a competency and the level of skill the person displays at that competency. Each person attending the assessment centre gets the same set of exercises and is scored according to the same set of behavioural indicators, therefore ensuring a fair and a transparent process.

Whether you want to assess staff for recruitment purposes or to identify staff with the potential to become key employees, ERKO CoachingĀ can help and advise you every step of the way. We can help you design the most efficient and cost effective process for selection or development purposes, from assisting you with identifying the competencies required for specific roles to designing individual exercises to designing the assessment centre, training assessors and assessing participants. We can also use our expertise to assess the most suitable off the shelf psychometric tests for assessing participants

With respect to developing staff within your company, a behavioural assessment enables you to obtain a baseline of current skill levels of any employee and identify any competency gaps in their ability to succeed in their current or future role. Our coaches can use this baseline to create a personal development plan for employees which identifies required actions to ensure inceased performance in specific areas. A suitable coach will work with the employee to ensure that the development plan is fulfilled.