Business Coaching

Research shows that coaching can help with:

  • Improved individual performance and team productivity
  • Increased capacity to influence and collaborate with others
  • Development of self-awareness, confidence and assertiveness
  • Improved ability to prioritise tasks and manage time
  • Effective transition into new roles

ERKO Coaching provide tailored coaching programs for all levels of employees across all industries and sectors. We supply coaches with the knowledge, style, skill and experience to match specific employees and their requirements. All of our coaching concentrates on helping people recognise their strengths and develop more of their potential. We aim to achieve the best outcome for any coaching program through:

  • Setting clear goals and objectives for the coaching program
  • Agreeing the length and frequency of coaching at the start
  • Regularly assessing progress against goals and objectives

ERKO Coaching provide a range of coaching programmes including those shown below.

Executive coaching is for senior managers including Directors, General Managers, Executive General Managers and Small Business Leaders. Coaches assigned to people in these senior posts will have board level experience of businesses.

Senior executives will have significant strengths that have helped them get to where they are. Coaching at this level is therefore likely to concentrate on skills such as:

  • Developing company vision and strategy
  • Providing direction and managing multi-disciplinary teams
  • Shaping processes, managing budgets and introducing and managing change
  • Maintaining awareness of organisational issues
  • Building and maintaining effective relationships with key stakeholders

Our coaches will help your senior executives determine their blind spots through increasing their self-awareness and encouraging them to reflect authentically on their current performance. As we are independent of the organisation and the personal situation, ERKO Coaching can provide a safe, impartial and confidential environment for full and frank discussion.

Leadership coaching is for front-line and middle managers including team leaders, project managers and service managers. Coaches assigned to people in these leadership posts have their own practical experience of managing teams, projects and services and are trained in project and people management.

The leadership coaching programs are designed to suit the specific requirements of your organisation and the individual employee and are likely to include the following:

  • Personal management skills – accountability; moderating emotions; achieving objectives
  • People management skills – giving instructions & monitoring results; motivating staff
  • Task management skills – problem solving; decision-making; managing time/quality
  • Interpersonal skills – building relationships; collaborating; influencing
  • Analytical skills – effective analysis of complex data; generating workable solutions

Our coaches will help your managers determine their blind spots through increasing their self-awareness and encouraging them to reflect authentically on their current performance. They will work with your manager to increase the quality of their performance and to improve their skill levels. We would expect leadership coaching to impact on your managers’ motivation and confidence levels and for team performances to improve as a result.

Transition Coaching is designed to support employees going through career transition. This coaching is ideal for the following situations:

  • supporting an employee in a new role
  • enabling an employee to consider career options including change of career
  • supporting employees through restructure
  • helping an employee plan their career beyond retirement
  • supporting expatriate employees
  • preparing an employee for job search and interview

Points of transition, such as in a new role, contemplating retirement or considering a role adjustment or career change can be exciting but also stressful. Increasingly, in the modern workplace, executives are required to adapt to changing circumstances, fulfil new roles and learn new skills. They are also more likely than in the past to consider options of flexible working, career change and working beyond retirement. It is also an unfortunate reality that some will be the subject of retrenchment and will need help in deciding their next career move.

From a corporate view, it makes sense to help executives through transition in order to improve staff morale, engagement, retention and relationships. Our coaches are experts in all types of transition coaching including outplacement.

All programs include face to face coaching and additional text, phone call and email support and run for a number of weeks or months as required. Programs are flexible and tailored to the specific needs of the company and the employee.

All programs are available to organisations and individuals.