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Facet5 Assessment for Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Our coaching offers a reflective space for Managers and Executives as well as a place to plan development and set and achieve goals. We believe that the essence of a good leader is her self-awareness. The more we understand ourselves, the better able we are to make better decisions for ourselves, others and our organisations. Greater understanding of our strengths and our limitations can help us better navigate the workplace in a more emotionally intelligent way, recognising the emotional impact of our decisions and our behaviours, both on ourselves and others. We learn to more easily identify blind spots, career limiters and deraillers in order to achieve our own transparent and authentic leadership.

The Facet5 online assessment tools described below provide insights into our behaviours and offer a baseline for coaching discussions and our development as leaders. They are also an effective tool for informing talent management and succession planning decisions and can be incorporated into existing competency frameworks.

We are all unique. Our personality comes with us wherever we go. It influences how we approach the world, our work and relationships. We all have similarities and differences in our motivations, attitudes and behaviour – it’s what makes us who we are. The way we behave and interact with others depends on our own make-up. Therefore, when we understand ourselves and others we are able to develop, work more effectively and build stronger relationships. The Facet5 personality profile provides the foundation for this self-awareness and personal development. 

The Strategic Leadership Review (SLR) combines both a Facet5 Personality Profile and a 360-degree. The unique combination of personality and 360-degree data, underpinned by a database of existing leadership data and a powerful predictive engine, means the SLR analyses and predicts leadership behaviours and development like no other tool. . .

Facet5 describes, explains and predicts behaviour; both strengths and challenges, and is the key to coaching and developing leaders at all levels. The Strategic Leadership Review (SLR) 360-degree questionnaire provides real-time behavioural feedback for those already on, or about to begin their leadership journey, either individually or as part of a Leadership Development programme.

ToRQ (Tailored Reasoning Questionnaire) is a measure of an individual’s practical work-based problem solving skills. ToRQ combines cutting edge testing processes with the power of personality to produce the next generation of cognitive assessment. It is the combination of capability and character that provides the most accurate measure of an individual’s potential.


SuperSkills establishes a baseline measure of someone’s natural conversation skills and habits. It provides clarity around where an individuals’ conversational strengths and challenges lay so that they are able to move forward with the confidence to enhance the quality of relationships they have at work and at home.

The 5 SuperSkills of Great Conversations™ are the core skills that underpin all conversations we have. This means that equipping individuals with the 5 SuperSkills drives improvements in numerous conversations – including performance management, collaboration, career development and handling difficult conversations.

How effective we are in conversations of course depends in part on our skills. But how we are likely to ‘show up’ in conversation against the 5 SuperSkills can also be predicted by our personality. The SuperSkills report maps an individual’s Facet5 results onto the 5 SuperSkills of Great Conversations, providing a unique insight into an individual’s strengths, what they might need to manage, and where they can focus to drive improvements.

SpotLight is a personal development report. It provides individuals with their personality related Strengths, Risks, Frustrations and Challenges.  Spotlight provides immediate, personal feedback and also delivers a simple, practical process for creating tailored development goals and plans:

  • Strengths: the positive and productive behaviours that an individual does well and require little effort.

  • Risks: the less appealing aspects of an individuals’ profile, when things aren’t going well. Any strength can become a Risk when it is taken to the extreme.

  • Frustrations: the adverse reaction an individual may have to another person’s behaviour. Frustrations arise because the approach of another person is so different from the individuals own that prolonged exposure to them can trigger the risk behaviour.

  • Challenges: provide the development suggestions that support the individual to understand what they offer and how to adapt their behaviour to capitalise on the strengths of others (and to manage the risk behaviours in themselves).

Team Coaching

Simple, yet highly impactful, TeamScape demonstrates a team’s dynamics powerfully and succinctly; identifying the culture of the team, how relationships are likely to work, and importantly how the work of the team will be managed and delivered.

It does this by bringing together the individual Facet5 profiles of team members, combining them to show how the preferences of individuals come together to support the work of the team.

A handy addition to any personal or team-development program.

Grant Gemmell, Facet5 General Manager, explains all

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