Psychometrics – or how do you find a needle in a haystack …

Do you need an accurate, reliable and easy to use assessment of ability or workplace behaviour?

Do you want the expertise and support of professionals who will ensure you get the most suitable candidates?

Are you keen to employ high quality staff who you know will fit the requirements of your business?

Our experienced business psychologists at ERKO Coaching provide a range of assessment tools for scalable recruitment programmes for all levels of staff from apprentices through graduates to general managers and CEOs. At the core of this process are online psychometric tools.

Psychometric analysis simply means to measure and compare. For example, if we measure the height of a group of 1000 people we obtain information about the range of heights in that group. We can determine the height of the smallest and tallest person in the group. We can begin to think about how heights are distributed between men and women, different age groups and any other criteria that we consider relevant. Using this data, we can assess other people against our main group or our sub groups as required. For example, we might want to assess if the height of a particular 6 year old is below average, above average or average. If we have enough information on heights of 6 year olds, we could make a valid and reliable assessment of the individual child.

This is how psychometrics work, from measuring comparative height or weight to measuring intelligence or another ability such as verbal communication, numeracy or strategic thinking or a skill such as leadership. We simply assess one or more variables against a population (or norm group) we are interested in. So, we could assess the numerical ability of a graduate against the numerical ability of a population of graduates. We could even say what percentage of graduates have either better or worse numerical ability than our graduate.

When we assess people for recruitment purposes, it is important that we compare like with like. So, if we were hiring for a senior management position, we would choose psychometrics that distinguished between senior managers. Alternative tests could help us distinguish between middle managers and entry-level employees. Psychometric tests are designed in such a way that they will determine how good people are in any particular skill against their peer group. Through the use of psychometrics we can determine both the presence and the level of ability. From an employer’s point of view, psychometrics can improve our selection process by identifying the candidates who meet our criteria and only inviting those who do for interview. They also give us a fair and transparent process for selection.

ERKO Coaching uses psychometric tests from the major test suppliers. These tests are designed in such a way to be challenging but also interesting and easy to use. All are available online and are thoroughly tested for their reliability and validity. ERKO Coaching will advise you with regards to selecting the most appropriate tests for your purposes and administer the tests to your candidates and report on the results.

Please see the further information in this section with regards to the different types of tests available.

Ability Tests

Ability Tests help you assess the current ability of staff over a range of abilities for assessment (e.g. recruitment) or development purposes.

ERKO Coaching provides online tests to assess a range of abilities for a range of employee levels (shop floor to graduate to middle management to boardroom). We only use tests which have proven reliability and validity. Tests are available in a number of languages.

The following list shows the most commonly asked for tests but we would be happy to discuss any other requirements you may have:

  • numerical reasoning – to assess your understanding of tables of statistical and numerical data, as well as your ability to make logical deductions.
  • verbal reasoning – to measure your ability to understand written information and to evaluate arguments about this information.
  • inductive reasoning – to assess ability to draw inferences and understand the relationships between various concepts independent of acquired knowledge.
  • deductive reasoning – to measure your ability to draw logical conclusions based on information provided, identify strengths and weaknesses of arguments, and complete scenarios using incomplete information.
  • situational judgement – to assess your ability to make good judgements on the appropriate response in workplace situations.

Personality & Leadership Questionnaires

ERKO Coaching recommends the use of personality or leadership questionnaires as one of a range of tools to assess and develop staff.

Personality questionnaires can offer insight both to managers and team members as to what motivates someone, where their natural strengths lie and to identify areas where they are most likely to struggle.

Leadership questionnaires give further insight into the leadership style of a manager or potential manager and can identify derailers (characteristics that could take someone off track or induce stress in them and\\/or others) and leadership strengths.

We can help you select the personality or leadership test that most suits your or your company’s needs. All tests are online and available in several languages.

We only use personality tests based on the Big Five model.

360 Degree Analysis

Emotional Intelligence

Role Play Exercises

ERKO Coaching can select or design individual exercises to enable assessment of internal and external candidates against a set of required competencies for a role. Candidates are asked to perform a certain exercise, e.g. to discuss a performance issue with a member or staff or to deliver a three year strategic presentation to the Board and objectively assessed on their performance by our experienced assessors.

The advantage of this approach over interview, resume, personality questionnaires or references is that you are able to objectively analyse the capability of participants to perform aspects of the role you want them to do. This method allows transparency and greatly reduces the likelihood of subjective biases such as the halo and horns effects. You are simply assessing on the ability of a candidate to perform a role. Through objective assessment of participants, you are more likely to get the person with the most suitable competencies for the role.

Role play assessment can be used for a variety of reasons from recruitment through talent management to identification of high potential employees.

ERKO Coaching work with the leading role play exercise designers including A&DC and also employ their own experts in bespoke exercise design.