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Korn Ferry/TalentQ Psychometrics

Korn Ferry/TalentQ

Korn Ferry are one of the world’s leading Talent Management organisations. In 2015, they purchased TalentQ, an assessement company founded by Roger Holdsworth, formerly of Saville-Holdsworth (SHL). Talent Q offer leading edge online psychometric testing and a new way of applying assessment to talent management. They have a robust, straightforward and accessible portfolio of assessments that offer unbeatable value for clients and a great candidate experience.

Their psychometric tests are available in over 40 languages and are used worldwide. Talent Q psychometric tests are held in high regard by employers and clients include Astra Zeneca, BT, BP, B&Q, Carlsberg, Citi, RBS, Royal Mail and Volkswagen.

Our Psychometric Testing Service

Erko Coaching helps organisations and recruitment companies quickly screen and select the most appropriate candidates for their campaigns. We offer:

  • a comprehensive psychometric testing service – you give us candidate details, we provide you with an ordered list of candidates based on your selection criteria.
  • fast turn around on ability and skills tests – we will work with candidates to facilitate speedy responses
  • tests only from the world’s leading providers – ensuring validity and reliability of results
  • provision of multiple payment facilities – including personalised account, PayPal, BACS, credit/debit cards
  • comprehensive reports on candidate performance – optional feedback to organisations and candidates
  • Full consultancy support – from our experienced Talent Management Consultants

Fast Turn-Around Online Testing

  • Comprehensive Reports
  • Expert Advice on Test Selection
  • Fully Managed Service
  • Optional Telephone Feedback

TalentQ Elements

The TalentQ Elements Range is a suit of online ability tests aimed at a range of employees from entry level to Board level and measures reasoning ability, numerical ability and verbal ability. These ability tests can easily be used to filter applicants for roles in your organisation or to proivide insight for coaching purposes. For further information, please see the Elements Brochure.


TalentQ Drives

One of the most important questions you ask at interview is “why do you want to join our company?”. The Drives Report gives you insight into what motivates your people, whether applicants for a job role or employees you are considering for more senior roles. Understaning motivation and values is essential for coaching and a vital for recruitment. For further information, please see the Drives Brochure.

TalentQ Dimensions

Dimensions is one of the most compehensive workplace personality reports available. Our personality gives a measure of competency in the workplace. Dimensions analyses the natural tendency of people to play to their strengths and assesses how this will play out in the workplace with respect to the most common competencies of any modern job role. It also provides information on their leadership capabilities, their team strengths and their likely derailers and career limiters. For further information, please see TalentQ Dimensions Brochure. and the TalentQ Dimensions Fact Sheet.

Candidate and Client Feedback

We recommend that feedback by our consultants on results is provided to your candidates for selection purposes. For coaching or internal selection purposes, we would regard feedback by our consultants on results to participants, managers and HR  as an essential part of your process. Please call us or use the form below to discuss.

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