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SHL Tests & Questionnaires

Erko Coaching is proud to be an SHL Partner. SHL’s world-class talent solutions empower leaders and their teams to make unbiased decisions throughout the employee journey. With 40+ years of talent expertise, cutting-edge assessment science and more than 45 billion data points, their online solutions give an unparalleled view of the workforce.

SHL provide over 500 different online tests and questionnaires that help organisations assess staff at all stages of their organisational journey. Their tools provide a means of valid and transparent selection criteria across a range of industries, job roles and levels of experience.

As an SHL Partner we have a thorough understanding of their products and can tailor their solutions to your requirements. We have listed below the most popular of their selection and development products. The full catalogue of SHL assessment solutions, however, can be found here.


Occupational Personality:

OPQ32r Personality Questionnaire, providing a selection of reports.

The SHL Occupational Personality Questionnaire, the OPQ32, is one of the most widely used and respected measures of workplace behavioural style in the world. It sets a high standard of measurement excellence, providing HR professionals and business managers with relevant and accurate information to make fast and well-informed people decisions. The OPQ32 provides a clear framework for understanding the impact of personality on job performance. It is internationally recognised for its accuracy of assessment. Over 90 independent validation studies have been conducted on the OPQ over a period of 25 years, across 20 countries and 40 industries, providing concrete evidence of its power to predict performance in the workplace.

For further information, please see OPQr Catalogue.


360 degree performance analysis

MFS + OPQ 360° Feedback Assessment providing a selection of reports.

Multi-rater Feedback System (MFS) – 360° feedback and development helps you prepare the right people for the right roles and focus on the training and support they need to excel. In a 360° feedback review, individuals receive structured feedback – measured against the needs of the business – from managers, direct reports, peers, colleagues and customers. Based on the Universal Competency Framework, the combined MFS and OPQ assesses an individual’s performance in the workplace based on the competencies deemed the most important for the role, allowing the individual’s colleagues to provide a confidential performance appraisal, and combines this with their potential to perform, as defined in their OPQ.


If you would like to try out some of the above tests, you will find SHL practice tests here.

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