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When you recruit, you want to hire the best person for the role whether it is on the shop floor or in the boardroom. The Covid-19 pandemic increased the pressure on teams to deliver cost efficiencies and effective ways of handling high volumes of applicants, while candidates have come to expect seamless digital experiences as the norm. We make the process of candidate selection fair, cost effective, reliable, timely and transparent through the use of online assessment tools such as ability tests and personality questionnaires, carefully selected to suit your requirements. 

We take the process of online assessment out of your hands. You tell us what your advertised role is, who your applicants are and any measurement criteria and we will do the rest, providing you ultimately with a list of candidates who suit your criteria in order of likely match to your requirements.

Online Assessments

Online Assessments can support you to: 

  • Screen high volumes of applicants in a fast, cost-effective and objective way.
  • Filter out unsuitable candidates early on and make more accurate hiring decisions.
  • Identify candidates’ strengths and weaknesses and provide interview structure.
  • Strengthen your talent pipeline by identifying candidates with the highest potential easily and objectively.

Recruitment Partners

We are accredited partners with the best online assessment organisations in the world and can therefore offer you a blend of products tailored to your specific needs. For further information please read more below or simply call us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements with you.

Today’s talent process is not just about faceless assessment and selection, it is a two-way conversation that allows the individual and organisation to understand how they will work together and form a relationship that delivers on both their needs. We believe the role of personality in this process is to inform both the organisation and the individual as to the right decisions for them.

Facet5 is a reliable and trusted source of valid personality data that can contribute to a holistic talent assessment, selection and development process. We measure those characteristics of an individual that are enduring over time and situation, allowing for meaningful comparison and conversation against the requirements of the role, team and organisation. This process allows for a shared understanding of success along with the areas of stretch and likely development & support.


Engage and convert high-potential candidates.

  • 87% of candidates develop a favorable view of a company or role after a positive experience.
  • SHL’s professional recruitment solutions ensure you develop a strong connection with your candidates with immersive virtual hiring experiences

Drive transformation with top-quality professionals.

  • 82% of HR executives feel they don’t have the right people to execute their business strategies.
  • Source the talented professional teams you need, from coding and engineering to healthcare and accounting—with SHL’s proven people insights.

Assemble highly diverse teams.

  • Gender-diverse teams are 25% more likely to be highly profitable, yet the gender gap is still wide for professional roles.
  • Each SHL professional solution drives fair, objective hiring decisions that efficiently boost your team diversity.

Recruiting Software Powered by Science

SOVA is an online award-winning assessment platform that guarantees fair, equitable outcomes from assessment, without compromising on anything else. SOVA is the only recruitment selection application that balances relevant and engaging content for candidates, with absolute fairness and accuracy.

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