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Understand What Motivates and Demotivates an Employee or Candidate

The SHL Motivation Questionnaire (MQ) Assesses situations that are likely to increase or reduce the individual’s motivation to work.

The more motivated and engaged your workforce is, the greater your organization’s potential for success. However, motivators, such as recognition, development, and flexibility often differ widely depending on the individual. Thus, assessing for motivation allows an organization to understand what really drives candidates to excel.

The MQ measures 18 dimensions of motivation and provides a comprehensive profile of the motivational factors that affect an individual’s work performance. Candidates read statements that describe a situation or condition and then rate each statement as to how it would affect their motivation to work.

The MQ helps organizations:

  • Understand the link between individual motivation and employee engagement
  • Identify and manage an individual’s strongest motivators and demotivators
  • Improve employee motivation and engagement

The MQ provides a range of easy-to-use reports, to support effective decision making, called the MQ Report Pack, which includes:

  • The Profile Chart—Mapping the candidate’s motivational drivers against a selected benchmark
  • The Employee Motivation Report—Providing an in-depth and easy-to-understand evaluation of what motivates and demotivates an individual and tips and suggestions for how he or she can be managed
  • The Candidate Motivation Report—Allowing candidates to understand what drives their own motivation and encouraging them to take greater ownership of their development plans.


Our Psychometric Testing Service

Erko Coaching helps organisations and recruitment companies quickly screen and select the most appropriate candidates for their campaigns. We offer:

  • a comprehensive psychometric testing service – you give us candidate details, we provide you with an ordered list of candidates based on your selection criteria.
  • fast turn around on ability and skills tests – we will work with candidates to facilitate speedy responses
  • tests only from the world’s leading providers – ensuring validity and reliability of results
  • provision of multiple payment facilities – including personalised account, PayPal, BACS, credit/debit cards
  • comprehensive reports on candidate performance – optional feedback to organisations and candidates
  • Full consultancy support – from our experienced Talent Management Consultants

Fast Turn-Around Online Testing

  • Comprehensive Reports
  • Expert Advice on Test Selection
  • Fully Managed Service
  • Optional Telephone Feedback

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