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Verify Technical Checking

Product Description

The Technical Checking assessment is part of the SHL VerifyTM suite of cognitive ability assessments. Technical Checking measures perceptual speed and accuracy. This assessment requires examinees to quickly and accurately match symbols and switches based on a given set of rules. The Technical Checking assessment is mostly non-verbal and features shapes and figures. As with all assessments included in the SHL VerifyTM suite, the Technical Checking assessment allows organizations to assess this aspect of cognitive ability in an unproctored setting. This assessment is appropriate for all job levels and job titles, but is especially relevant for jobs that require the ability to quickly assess the accuracy of information against a set of rules.

Sample relevant jobs include:

• Manufacturing Line Worker
• Auditing Clerk
• Traffic Technician

Measures the ability to determine the rules governing technical processes and to apply those rules quickly and correctly. This is characterised by a systematic and methodical approach to work, fast perceptual processing, pattern recognition, and error detection and reduction.

Product Summary


Retail, ManufacturingHealthcare, TelecommunicationsBanking/FinanceInsuranceHospitality




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Completion Time 10 minutes