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“My coach was incredibly good at listening, challenging and summarising back what I said which really helped me think things through and come up with actions to move forward with. My coach was the best coach I have had. I would highly recommend Erko Coaching.”

Director, Transport

“My coach was an extremely easy person to speak with. He was friendly, but not overly so, understanding and able to seek clarification, without resorting to the formulaic approaches that inexperienced coaches use. He managed the session time well so that there was no sense of urgency at the end to “fit things in” and the session is well paced. I liked my interactions with my coach, and have really benefited from the sessions”

General Manager, Custodial Services

“My coach had a great ability to build trust and bring a consultative/ conversational approach to the sessions. He brought to the table the ability to provide external insight into the current situation and environment which is lost to myself given I live it every day.”

Director, Shared Services